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Revitalize Yourself

Aging is a process that many people fear, and with good reason. Among men, physical aging is often linked to general loss of vigor as well as increased risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular ailments. Women, on the other hand, experience menopause that is associated with osteoporosis, urinary problems, weight gain, heart disease, depression, hot flashes, and mood swings

Researchers are convinced that the various symptoms of aging are directly caused by the diminished production of specific hormones. Fortunately, some medical research companies have developed hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a way to help not only senior citizens but also anyone with low hormone levels. Companies like BioTE Medical offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy(BHRT) using substances derived from plants.

Generally speaking, HRT has the obvious benefit of revitalizing hormonal levels, specifically gender-specific hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. In addition to replenishing key hormones, HRT can help prevent senility and Alzheimer’s disease. This therapy program is also capable of reinvigorating a couple’s sex life by improving libido.

Natural hormone replacement therapy usually involves regular intake of prescription pills. Companies like BioTE Medical offer another form of natural HRT called pellet therapy, which entails painless insertion of hormone-filled, grain-sized pellets directly under the skin. Exactly where the pellets are designed to be implanted can vary from one medical company to another, although these pellets generally mimic the endocrine functions of the sex organs (ovary and testes) and restore hormonal balance in the body.

Anyone who wishes to undergo HRT is highly encouraged to see a doctor to inquire about the suitability of this treatment. Loss of appetite, depression, unusual bleeding, and color changes in urine and feces are cited as the possible side effects. Heavy drinkers and smokers are also advised to make lifestyle changes in preparation for HRT.

HRT is by no means a fountain of youth that can slow down the aging process and turn back the clock. What it can do, however, is to help reduce the health risks associated with aging. As with all things medical, however, it is always prudent to consult with a qualified physician first before undergoing this therapy….. BioTE

The Single Most Important Ingredient for a Healthy Marriage

Biote Pellet Hormone Therapy


When violent incidents such as those of former NFL player Ray Rice punching his fiancée, now wife, flash on our television screen, we are appalled and sickened. While this physical battering is atypical and is the end of the scale for abuse, there are many more misunderstandings and frustrations among couples where one is a professional athlete.

The best way to get a snapshot of this problem is to talk to a victim. We recently spoke with the wife of an NFL player, whose concern for her privacy and that of her husband caused her to ask us to refrain from identifying her. Her comment speaks volumes about the problems of marriages of professional athletes.

“My husband played in the NFL for more than 6 years and it was a pressure-cooker for both of us,” she said. “He was constantly worried about being injured or cut from the team and, being the closest person to him, I got the brunt of this anxiety. This pretty much drove me nuts too,” she said.

“Plus, the stress of raising three, little kids – pretty much by myself – and the constant yelling added to the problems we had,” she said. “The hormone replacement therapy helped me get a handle on the stress because I felt better…stronger. In a weird way, I became strong enough to carry both of us through this minefield,” she said.

For many years, observers of professional athletes such as physicians, psychiatrists and even team management have said they see much more of these situations than are reported. Each year, many high profile athletes have confrontations with their wives and significant others in every sport. Andrea Jones, Marketing Director for BioTE Medical, has seen it firsthand.

As the former COO of a Berlin, Germany-based professional basketball team, Jones saw what the stress of being a professional athlete did to personal relationships. Simple misunderstandings and day-to-day stress can turn someone, who is ordinarily a kind person, into an angry man.

“Athletes get paid for being aggressive on the court and on the field,” she said. “They take defeats much harder than someone in another profession. Plus, it takes them longer to turn this off when they come home.”


“According to the New York Times, the divorce rate among NFL marriages is between 60 and 80 percent,” Jones said. “This is a stunning number.”

“These misunderstandings can also lead to affairs.” she said. “And affairs are the easy way out because the athlete doesn’t have to deal with the daily pressure of a serious relationship.”

“Men have always been the ‘hunter/gatherers’ and women the nurturers. Men who are professional athletes are alpha males who spend most of their time competing with other alpha males. Wives don’t communicate in the same way these athletes communicate and as a result, simple misunderstandings can become more serious than they should,” she said.

“With a professional athlete, his career can be over in a flash,” Jones said. “There’s a lot of money, not to mention pride, at stake every time he goes out on the field, whether its practice, preseason or a game.”

“Being a ‘sportswife’ requires a woman to recognize that their husbands are ‘divas’ – someone whose every whim is catered to,” Jones says. “If he comes home from practice or a road trip and she immediately hands him the baby and says ‘you take care of him for a while,’ he will not process this well. In fact, wives of athletes who have recently given birth, are excellent candidates for hormone replacement therapy because it helps them get through postpartum depression and weight-gain which further exacerbates the husband/wife hostility,” she said.


With her background in professional sports management, combined with her knowledge of hormone replacement therapy gained from BioTE Medical, Andrea Jones has a unique perspective on overcoming the interpersonal stress couples face where one is an athlete.

While there is on-going discussion with the professional sports leagues and player’s unions about hormone therapy for active players, the critical time for the player’s psyche comes when he decides it’s time to retire. Several NFL players have taken their own lives after retiring from the game.

“Former players will often go into deep depressions,” Jones notes. “After playing their chosen sports since they were in elementary school and earning recognition and accolades, suddenly becoming just another guy on the street can be difficult for an athlete to handle. It is at this time when the athlete is an excellent candidate for the therapy which BioTE Medical provides, “she said.


Whether it’s the stress and anxiety of being a professional athlete’s wife or the depression an athlete experiences when he or she retires, hormone replacement therapy can help to smooth out these rough edges. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is designed to replace what one’s body can no longer produce. The pellets used in this therapy use hormones derived from natural plant sources to replicate the body’s normal hormonal levels.

We asked BioTE Medical founder, Dr. Gary Donovitz, to explain how this approach works to help both the athletes and their spouses overcome the stress that can lead to violence.

If you believe you or your spouse’s anxiety, listlessness and fatigue might be the result of hormone deficiency, click here to be directed to the nearest BioTE medical practitioner.

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Why Thyroid

Provided by BioTE Medical

Tired all of the time? Keep gaining weight for no apparent reason? Hands cold all of the time? Eyebrow and hair thinning? Dry skin, dry hair, brittle nails? You have asked your provider about these symptoms because you are SURE it is your thyroid, but alas your thyroid blood tests come back “NORMAL”!

These are complaints BioTE providers hear time and time again. Most providers understand traditional hypothyroidism, where we look at ONE thyroid lab test (the TSH) and forget the most important one (the free T3). Or worse yet, we ONLY look at the labs, and never look or listen to the patient! Historically medical professionals have been taught if the TSH is normal, then your thyroid is working just fine. According to Dr. Mark Starr, thyroid guru, ” centuries ago, before thyroid tests were available, the ultimate test of whether or not a patient was hypothyroid was the patient’s response to a trial of thyroid hormones. Confirmation depended upon improvement or resolution of their symptoms.

Now Imagine THAT FOLKS! Actually treating PATIENTS and not LAB tests! Dr.Starr also states, since the advent of thyroid blood testing, of which there is no scientific data, there have been scores of patients left erroneously untreated.

This brings me to my next topic: Type 2 hypothyroidism; a phenomenon whereby the thyroid gland produces “normal” amounts of thyroid hormone, but the cells are unable to utilize the hormone properly. Other medical experts call this “thyroid hormone resistance” very similar to Type 2 Diabetes, also known insulin resistance. Symptoms are identical to hypothyroidism: sluggish metabolism, cold hands, thinning hair, extreme fatigue and so forth. MOST people suffer from Type 2, rather than Type1 hypothyroidism, and because Type 2 is so widely misunderstood and misdiagnosed, hundreds of thousands of people are living with this miserable state day in and day out.

How do we acquire Type 2 Hypothyroidism, or thyroid resistance? Number one on the list: environmental toxins. These toxins interfere with every aspect of thyroid metabolism and include: petroleum and petroleum byproducts; pesticides, herbicides and fungicides; heavy metals, among them mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminum, barium, and cadmium; organic solvents and numerous other synthetic chemicals that are present in our food and other aspects of our every day lives. Another HUGE factor in thyroid resistance is Iodine deficiency! A few others worthy of mention: the lack of mineralization for growing our produce, AND UNDER-utilizing SALT! REAL salt is our fiend folks! And I am not talking Morton’s, I mean unrefined SEA salt.

According to the literature, a host of other disease states may be attributed to thyroid resistance: heart disease, digestive disorders, liver malfunction, lupus, muscular pain, neurological impairment, sinusitis, TMJ, and sleep apnea.

So how will my provider know if I am thyroid resistant, you ask? Besides simply listening to the patient’s symptoms, hypothyroidism can be Observed by the astute provider: puffy face and lips, thinning or lack of hair, missing the outer third of the eyebrows, swollen skin, lack of alertness, slowed speech, hoarseness, and cold extremities, weight gain and the tendency toward chronic infections.

How is Type 2 hypothyroid treated? Very simply, by replacing thyroid hormone, specifically with compounded t4t3 or desiccated thyroid, also known as Armour Thyroid and a few other brands. Moreover, checking iodine levels, and ensuring adequate levels of vitamin C, b vitamins, and nutritional support. Oh yes, and of course making sure you are working with a BioTE provider who is well versed in all things thyroid, and not just conventional approaches.