PRP Injection Therapy in Green Bay, WI

PRP Injection Therapy in Green Bay, WIPRP injection therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a non-surgical, in office cosmetic treatment. The procedure uses your own body’s platelets in the form of a concentrated serum to create new collagen, which in turn enhances skin tone, skin texture, and skin tone. The PRP injection procedure frequently utilizes cosmetic or dermal fillers to augment face shape. The PRP injection has the added benefit of increasing the efficacy and longevity of the dermal fillers.

PRP Injection Procedure

At the beginning of the PRP injection procedure a small sample of blood is taken from the patient. The blood is then processed with the intention of quadrupling the platelet count and activating the resulting serum. At this point the newly created serum is injected into the patient’s skin or applied topically. The PRP injection actually works by signaling the body that an injury is present. This in turn releases healing cells and growth factors (including collagen creation). The PRP injection therapy is also frequently used to aid in the healing of other types of joint, tendon, and tissue injuries particularly in professional athletes.

PRP Injection Experience

Doctor Bittorf’s credentials with a MD and a PhD make his uniquely qualified in the application of PRP injections and their successful outcome. His experience with the therapy will result in a healthier appearance, thicker skin, reduction in wrinkles, reduction in scars, and improved skin tone.